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Oracle has operated its consulting group for over a decade and has a robust and well developed set of practices that includes a base deployment plan. In addition to their in-house consultancy, Oracle has a wide reaching network of third party implementation partners.

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Oracle On Demand customers report a wide range of experiences about consultants – including Oracle employed and third parties. What this serves to highlight is the importance of interviewing your implementation consultants before the implementation starts. In general, you can expect Oracle On Demand consultants to be extremely well versed in both software and technology. It goes without saying that the more projects that a consultant has completed with some relevance to yours, the greater their performance on your project. Be wary of accepting consultants that are new to your industry or who have been working with smaller projects as these are symptoms that you are being staffed sub-optimally for your project. What seems to be a common theme in working with Oracle consultants is that you pay a premium for the Oracle brand and processes, and that the consultants are focused mostly on the system. Therefore, if you are hoping to improve your business processes by embedding best practices or looking for other creative process solutions while implementing your CRM, you will likely not get this help from Oracle. There is also a significant risk that Oracle will steer you towards the default configuration for their system’s operation regardless of your needs for greater functionality.

The fact that Oracle receives significant margins from its professional services group makes it clear to the industry that Oracle On Demand will almost always be the most costly solution to deploy. Oracle On Demand implementation projects will run a minimum of three-times the typical license cost and may continue to race upwards if integration is required to anything other than an Oracle ERP system.

Free: Complete Report – Oracle CRM On Demand Exposed

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