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Oracle CRM On Demand is Oracle’s offering to the software as a service (SaaS) CRM industry. Oracle originally entered the CRM market via its acquisition of Siebel Systems in 2006 and began marketing what was then called Siebel On Demand CRM which was still in its early stages of development. Realizing that Siebel On Demand was a weak competitor to the leader in the market,, Oracle set about building a more formidable SaaS product. After three years of hard work and with the help of the acquisition of another hosted CRM company (UpShot), Oracle has finally built a product to compete favorably against and other leading SaaS vendors.

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While significant progress has been made in developing a stand-alone Sales Force Automation (SFA) tool, Oracle CRM On Demand continues to attract primarily larger companies that have an Oracle ERP system in the back office and have deep enough pockets to bridge the limitations in the CRM product with customizations. Oracle CRM On Demand integration into the Oracle back-office is pre-built making it the de-facto choice for a customer facing CRM solution if you run Oracle ERP. For those that don’t, Oracle CRM On Demand delivers a solid SFA system but little else. Marketing management is very limited and requires additional customization to provide functionality that is standard in most competitive CRM products.

Since Siebel is a leader in call center technology, Oracle CRM On Demand embeds much of the same functions as Siebel. However, the performance of the Oracle CRM On Demand Call Center system in a hosted model is questionable and requires an significant investment in customization to work properly with the service module. Fortunately for those who will need help putting the pieces together, Oracle’s own consulting group, as well as a number of system integrators that focus on Oracle technology are ready to step in and help – at a cost.

Free: Complete Report – Oracle CRM On Demand Exposed

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