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NetSuite was developed in the Java development environment and operates on an Oracle database (an obvious choice since Oracle’s CEO owns a majority share of NetSuite). Several technology tools are offer by Netsuite which aid in software development, software customization and system integration.

The NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS) provides software customization and extensibility capabilities to NetSuite solutions. NS-BOS is a technology platform for customizing and extending the business software to meet individual company or industry specific requirements relative to personalization or business processes. NetSuite’s customization tools enable partners to develop their own products including modified versions of the Netsuite application.

Akin to the Platform as a Service (PaaS) concept and Force tool suite, NetSuite’s customization tools provide the advantage of an on-demand multi-tenant architecture with pre-built hosting efficiencies that help accelerate development and lower IT infrastructure recurring maintenance investment. Our review found the tools to be reasonable for their intended purpose. However, due to their technical nature they are ill-suited for end users or nontechnical professionals.


Netsuite, being an integrated ERP software system, can automate business processes across departments. These processes are filtered and displayed in NetSuite using the role-based user interface. The CRM and ERP applications deliver some predefined alerts and approval processes; unfortunately, the business software application does not offer a work flow designer tool or process engine which permits a user or System Administrator to define flexible document routing, alert notifications, approval processes, escalations or business process updates.

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