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Product Functionality

As with most ERP software systems, NetSuite possesses varying levels of version maturity and functional capability among the various software components.

Netsuite Financials

The core financials suite is a fairly solid offering. The chart of accounts is flexible, the cost of the system is reasonable for the SMB target market and the company offers a number of advanced solutions (most with additional pricing) such as advanced budgeting, amortization schedules, expense allocations, deferred revenue recognition and custom billing schedules. Job costing or project accounting is available; however, it is inadequate for typical needs. More advanced functionality such as variable allocations, account analysis and non-financial unit accounts are absent from the accounting software suite.

Netsuite Supply Chain Management

NetSuite’s distribution and supply chain functionality is impressive and includes flexible sales order processing, backorder management, pick/pack and ship process navigation, drop shipments, serial and lot tracking, UPS shipping integration, multiple-warehouse and multiple bin inventory management, economic order quantity (EOQ) replenishment and a choice among inventory valuation methods. We recommend that they add electronic data interchange (EDI) in the near future.

Netsuite Manufacturing

NetSuite expanded its core product to include light manufacturing functionality such as work orders, bill of materials and assembly operations. Therefore NetSuite manufacturing is not intended for manufacturing centric or MRP II type operations.

Netsuite Human Resources and Payroll

The human resources information system (HRIS) is adequate for the SMB market in the United States. The system provides basic resource management and payroll processes, however, enterprise sized companies or those with sophisticated labor issues may consider a best of breed payroll solution plus companies outside the United States should consider local payroll processing alternatives.

Netsuite Customer Relationship Management

NetSuite began as an on-demand accounting software provider and have kept their focus there, so their CRM software does not possess the same level of flexibility, functionality or maturity as their core financials system. NetSuite is clearly stronger in back office systems than in front office applications. Features lacking from the CRM product include true CRM analytics (using OLAP and a data warehouse), customer survey capabilities, literature fulfillment, event management, competitor intelligence (CI), meaningful territory management, call scripting and prospect score-carding. Also, additional capabilities such as solution selling support and computer telephone integration (CTI) are only available through third party solutions (requiring additional integration and investment).

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