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There is also a Partner Hosted option for Dynamics CRM 4.0 from one of the many Microsoft hosting partners. These partners are value added resellers of Microsoft products and often offer up MS CRM with their own implementation services, hosting options and third party add in products that can both increase the value you get from the solution as well as the cost that you pay for the use of the solution. While this service sounds and looks like the CRM Online product offered directly from Microsoft, it can differ in both benefits and risks. There are a plethora of options and prices too numerous to include here.

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The primary benefits of using a MS hosting partner is that you can work with a provider of choice that can offer both industry and product knowledge combined with the necessary setup and configuration services. You can also negotiate to have other services, options and service agreements included as part of your contract that Microsoft may not offer. The greatest risk of using a hosting partner is the widely varying degree of quality from one partner to another. There can also be big variations in pricing and contract terms. There can also be a fair amount of finger pointing when dealing with a third-party and relying on them to get you the support and information you need from Microsoft when something stops working. If you decide that a hosted version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 is for you, you should consider your need for assistance and specify the options that are important to you in an agreement before deciding on getting the service directly from Microsoft or a hosting partner. Both have benefits and risks associated with them.

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